Drs. Buchholz and colleagues
Oral Surgery Specialists
Areas of expertise: endodontics
out-patient surgery


All-on-4®is a concept for replacing missing teeth in an edentulous jaw with a bridge supported by four implants only, thus reducing the time required for treatment. Ensuring sufficient stability, All-on-4® generally does not require any additional bone augmentation. In most cases, temporary prostheses can be inserted on the same day, directly following treatment.

After the temporary prosthesis has stabilized in the jawbone for several weeks, your dentist will insert the final prosthesis. You can enjoy your life to the fullest again and eat anything you wish. The look and functionality of the final prosthesis are very similar to natural teeth.

Advantages of All-on-4®:

  • An affordable solution
    Because the prosthesis is supported by only four implants per jaw, costs are lower than for other treatments.
  • Stability for your prosthesis Since the special tilt of the posterior implants ensures secure and stable anchoring for the prosthesis, bone augmentation generally is not required.
  • Reduced time for treatment and healing
    In many cases, the temporary prosthesis can be inserted immediately after the surgical procedure.
  • Flexible treatment options
    Your dentist will help select the best final prosthesis for you.
  • A scientifically proven and documented method
    All-on-4® has been documented clinically and has proven itself in clinical studies. For more than ten years, tilted implants have been used successfully to increase stability.


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