Drs. Buchholz and colleagues
Oral Surgery Specialists
Areas of expertise: endodontics
out-patient surgery


General dentistry Area of expertise: pediatric dentistry under intubated anesthesia

Member of these scientific associations: DGZMK (German Association for Tooth, Mouth and Jaw Medicine), DGKiZ (German Association for Pediatric Dentistry)

Dr. Anja-Regina Braun
Born 1971



Studied dentistry at Mainz and Würzburg Universities


Earned degree of Dr. med. dent. from Würzburg University


Practiced dentistry (as a preparatory assistant) in Erlangen


Practiced dentistry and worked as a scientific assistant and academic councilor at Poliklinik für Zahnerhaltung und Parodontologie at Erlangen-Nürnberg University Clinic (areas of expertise: tooth conservation, pediatric dentistry)


Took parental leave

2006 bis heute Practices dentistry in association with Dres. Buchholz und Kollegen with a focus on pediatric dentistry under intubated anesthesia
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