Drs. Buchholz and colleagues
Oral Surgery Specialists
Areas of expertise: endodontics
out-patient surgery

Dr. René Buchholz (MSc)
Specialist in oral surgery
Specialist in periodontology (DGP)
Master of Science in implantology (MSc)
Area of expertise: implantology (BDIZ, BDO, DGI, DGIZ, BFSP)

Fields: Oral surgery, periodontology and implantology
Trainer for implantology
Member of these scientific associations: BDIZ, BDO, DGI, DGParo, DGZMK, BFSP

Born 1962  
1983-1989 Studied dentistry at Antwerp and Erlangen-Nürnberg Universities
1990 Earned degree of Dr. med. dent. from Erlangen-Nürnberg University
1990-1994 Trained to become a specialist in oral surgery
1994 Joined a dental practice in Erlangen
1999 Certified for implantology by BDIZ, BDO, DGI and DGIZ
2000 Appointed as a specialist for periodontology by DGParo
2005 Certified for a three-year training course in dental surgery by the Bavarian Dentist Association
2007 Completed post-graduate studies with a Master of Science in implantology
Dr. Rene Buchholz
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